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Caleb has been a resident of Oklahoma for the past 28 years. He grew up in Memphis, TN and joined the United States Army after graduating high school. He started working in the mortgage and real estate industries in his early 20’s. These experiences led him into the Construction Industry where he now has over 20 years experience in  residential and commercial roofing/construction.  He started his small business in 2004 which has evolved into the now multimillion dollar company First Construction. 

He has extensive experience with navigating the claims process with the largest insurance companies for both residential and commercial clients. As a construction expert, Caleb has performed inspections and analysis for  commercial property owners, insurance companies, and legal council. He specializes in evaluating design and installation flaws to determine  innovative solutions for his clients. Caleb and his First Construction team work dilligently and cohesively to provide construction projects that stand the test of time. They stand by their work through warranties and long term customer support. They offer Immediate and no more than 24 hour response time. They strive for clear, solid, direct communication with customers (actual phone calls not just texting and emails).

Along with being certified and trained with multiple commercial roofing installations, Caleb is certified with Haag engineering for wind and hail inspections.

He is the proud father of 4 adult children. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys traveling with his wife Laura, playing indoor soccer and playing guitar.

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